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Pilo Forte


For Piles And Hemorrhoids

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Harithaki Terminalia chebula 150 mg
Guduchi Tinospora cordifolia 100 mg
Pada Cyclea peltata 100 mg
Dusparsa Tragia involucrata 100 mg
Apamarga Achyranthes aspera 100 mg
Nimba Azadirachta indica 40 mg
Kumari Aloe vera 40 mg
Swarnapatri Cassia angustifolia 40 mg
Praval pisti Coral Calcium Powder 15 mg
Swarnamakshikam Chalcopyrite/ Coppor Iron Sulphide 15 mg
Vilwam Aegle Marmelos 15 mg
Sunti Zingiber officinale 15 mg
Lajjalu Mimosa pudica 15 mg
Valsakam Holorrhena antidysentrica 15 mg
Eranda Thailam Castor Oil (Ricinus communis) 1000 mg

Key Benefits

Our specialized solution, enriched with a blend of laxatives, stool softeners, styptics, anti-inflammatories, and healing agents, offers a comprehensive approach to piles relief, effectively reducing perianal discomfort, bleeding, itching, pain, and inflammation, while ensuring gentle and smooth evacuations.


2 tablets twice or thrice daily for 2-4 weeks or as per the physician’s direction.


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